"Clair here! Hey, I don't understand, if you're not here to battle then what's your problem? Wait, an interview? That's all you wanted? Sure! Let me give you my autograph while I'm at it, but don't give it to anyone else! Oh and stop by to see Lance, he's a busy man and needs all the company he can get! Don't prod him though.

[blinks curiously]

Kufufu [chuckles]. Trainers, more trainers, and— oh, is that a little girl I know ? I thought the nursery rhymes scared the little girls away. Let me see, what was that one again. Maybe I should spill the beans, pull her hair, and snip snip.

Waving her aside, tell me the others got some strength in them or I don’t know what you’re doing, following me like that!

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    "Oh er, I’d rather not. I already know how it tastes," he replied bitterly in memory of his best friend who enjoyed...
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    But if it didn’t cause a fire hazard, then it wouldn’t be any fun, now would it? [He shook his head and dropped the...
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    …….Are you a fool?! Think straight, it could have been another attack, one that doesn’t need to cause a fire hazard!...